This is a plea for support… please read on.

For the last four years, our small team have been working really hard to set up a shop in Minety. We are incredibly proud that we now have a convenience store open seven-days-a-week in Minety Village Hall.

We’ve had some highs, and we’ve had some lows (the lowest losing our much-loved team member Issy Griffin) but we have done really well. We have regular shoppers, some smashing new shelving, fridges and freezers, and we sell great local produce. We are even developing our own brand: Minety Made, and having an official opening on September 5th.

Phase one was fundraising and identifying a location. Phase two was setting up our temporary shop in the Village Hall (and we are truly grateful to the village hall committee for letting us take up residence for the time being).

Now we are onto phase three: securing the shop’s future and making it a permanent feature of the village.

But we need help.

Some of our hard-working management team are standing down – they need a rest! Can you offer some time and some talents. If you love the shop like we do, if you appreciate the value it brings to the villages of Minety and Upper Minety (not to mention the boost it gives to all our property prices), please help.

Whatever time you can give will be really appreciated. We have a big ‘to do’ list and are keen to get going

Please get in touch via email or phone Tracey (07972 928 199 ) or Jo (07780  639 287) for more information.

Finally, a very big THANK YOU to Rachel Swatton for all her hard work in turning our shop from pop-up by the bus stop to fully functioning store. Thanks to Catherine Abbott for taking on the role of Shop Manager. Good luck Catherine, we are all behind you.

And thanks go too, to the hardworking committee: Tracey, Mike, Alan, Val, Claire and Jo. Well done. It’s been a real team effort.

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